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What to Expect on a Las Vegas Helicopter Tour

Aerial view of Las Vegas strip

There are few vacation experiences that offer the magic and excitement provided by a tour of the glistening Las Vegas Strip. While the incredible casinos, gigantic fountains, and world-class hotels are amazing to behold on foot, there’s a better angle available for viewing the action. Today, tourists can get the true VIP experience by looking down over the hustle and bustle of the Strip with a Las Vegas helicopter tour.

From the air, Las Vegas looks like a neon dream come true, set among the raw beauty of the desert floor. Sipping champagne within the comfort of your air-conditioned cabin, you’ll discover a world reserved only for the luckiest few. Here, we’ll tell you exactly what to expect from your Las Vegas helicopter tour.

An Incredible Standard of Comfort

Some travelers think expect helicopter rides are cramped, hot, and even dangerous. However, the truth is that although your ascent into the skies is sure to give you quite a thrill, there’s no extreme sport drama involved. In fact, it’s quite a comfortable experience.

Though some turbulence is possible, you should expect a smooth ride. Your pilot will escort you to the air-conditioned cabin and make sure that everyone is securely and comfortably fastened into their seats. Once you take off, you’ll be surrounded by a 360-degree view of the world around you, taking sightseeing to the next level.

Your Pilot Is a Complete Professional

There’s no need to worry about experiencing any aerial stunts. Your tour pilot will be a complete professional. After all, they fly the same FAA-approved routes every day, and they know how important it is for you to feel safe so you can enjoy your tour.

If you need to talk to your pilot during the trip, you’ll have headphones and a microphone to allow you to do just that. This will ensure that you don’t have to try and shout over the rotors, as the machinery in helicopters can become quite loud. You can even use your microphone to ask questions about the scenery around you.

You’ll Want to Get Plenty of Pictures

Since you can’t bring too much weight onto a helicopter, chances are that you’ll have a camera and not much else. You can always bring your smartphone, but it depends what kind of quality you’re looking for from your pictures. After all, for some people, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

One good tip for making your very own aerial photo portfolio: have everyone wear dark-colored clothing. This will help to reduce the amount of reflections that are ruining your shots from the windows. Remember, you will be in a closed cabin, not hanging out of the door like the star of an action movie. One more thing to keep in mind: no flash photography is allowed at night, as it can interfere with the pilot’s vision.

Soak Up the Experience

When you’re enjoying your Las Vegas helicopter tour, it can be easy to get swept away by the feeling of being up in the air and the desire to take countless photos. However, it’s important to simply take a breath, slow down for a moment, and let the experience wash over you. Everything from the comfort of your seat to the sound of the rotors will help to create a memory you’ll never forget.

Don’t snap pictures for the entire length of your flight. Get some great shots, then sit back, relax, and truly be a part of the moment. That way, you’ll know you’ve really got the full experience of seeing Las Vegas from the sky.

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