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Area 51 & Ghost Town Tours

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Seeking the truth about Area 51, UFOs and aliens or the paranormal? Enjoy our day tours from Las Vegas to Area 51 or to ghost towns in Arizona!

Area 51: These tours take you deep inside the sprawling Mojave Desert is an area known as the “non-existent location” Area 51.  This is a must do for anyone looking to enjoy a fascinating day out and learn about one of the most famous military installing in the world.  Beginning in Las Vegas these tours include insights into government private airlines, adventures along an ancient dry lake bed, alien like ancient Native American petroglyphs and as close as you can get to the Nevada Test Site!  The extraterrestrial highway famous for many alien movies is a standard lunch stop at the Little A’le’Inn for some Alien dining !! Tours will get you as close as possible to Area 51 don’t pass the perimeter though as sign warn you to keep out and use of deadly force is authorized.  These tours are great for the whole family offering great photo opportunities, a fun alternative to the Las Vegas Strip.

Arizona Ghost Town Tours: The little community of Chloride, Arizona, has survived the harsh desert environment since the 1860’s. Silver and other minerals were mined here for decades and after the mining boom was over, Chloride nearly became a ghost town itself. Today, Chloride is home to about 250 residents who are still very proud of their mining history. Browse the antique shops and chat with the locals before you enjoy your lunch on your tour from Las Vegas. Admire many artistic sculptures of this joyful artist’s community.

Oatman, Arizona: The Route 66 highway takes you into the small ghost town of Oatman, Arizona. The present day population of this ghost town is 150 people and 1 poltergeist believed to be the poor spirit of William Ray Flour, an Irish miner who died behind the Oatman hotel. Photograph the tumbleweeds and the wild burros that freely roam through this town. Have your picture taken along side modern day cowboys and bandits while posing in front of an authentic Route 66 sign and take part in your very own western shoot out!

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