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Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours

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Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Helicopter Tours
The Grand Canyon draws millions of visitors from around the world each year. The South Rim is among the natural world’s most sought-after sites – a whopping five million people stop by this scenic spot annually. While many people choose to strap on a pair of hiking boots and explore the deep red rocks of the South Rim on foot, there is another way to experience this popular geological phenomenon — from the air.
Take a spectacular Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tour, and you’ll enjoy panoramic views of this world wonder from the privacy of your own aircraft. The Tour Exchange empowers you to find the best helicopter tour tickets at a great price. All you have to do is book, relax, and get ready to soar above the South Rim.

History of the South Rim
The history of the Grand Canyon is a topic geologists don’t always agree on. The Colorado River channeled its way through the region, carving the deep canyons over time – that much we know. Exactly when it happened is sometimes debated. As far as scientists can agree, the canyon was carved by the powerful river between five and six million years ago.
While the Grand Canyon has been around for millions of years, it’s only been a protected piece of landscape since 1893, when it became a Forest Reserve. As of 1919, the epic destination has been an official National Park. Around the start of the 20th century, tourists began realizing the majesty of the Grand Canyon, arriving in stagecoaches and, ultimately, in cars. The South Rim remains the most-visited part of the Grand Canyon today — though the West Rim is beautiful in its own right.

What to Expect
When you embark on your South Rim helicopter tour, you’re about to soar over one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. With huge windows, you’re gifted with spectacular views of the Grand Canyon’s most iconic area. What will you spot? The sights awaiting you include:

The Colorado River and its rushing rapids
The green treetops of the Kaibab National Forest
The Tower of Ra rock formation
The famous Dragon Corridor, the deepest part of the canyon

We offer many types of South Rim helicopter tours. If you wish, you can combine your helicopter tour with whitewater rafting to add to the thrill.

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